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manufacturer of all kind hydraulic paper/plastic/iron scrap baling press machine, horizontal automatic tie paper balers – vertical single xl, horizontal double action activity, automatic triple action machine in plc/panel and even sort.

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Providing Repairing of Old Baling Machine onsite

We are effectively serving our mild steel baler machine with ease cost to our clients since 2000 and sending out the piece safeguarding press machine and baler since 2010. We serve over the length from Kashmir to Kerala and over the expansiveness from Gujarat to Manipur. JAIN HYDRAULICS DELHI likewise abroad and have customers in-Africa, (UAE), Saudi-Middle Easterner, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri l=Lanka, Bhutan. persistently growing our serving zone to cover the globe. We are known for the convenient and quality conveyance of baling press items with flawlessness and giving quality preparing to the treatment of machines. We do endeavor to fabricate solid business associations with our clients. Provided focused machine cost.

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Our Products

jute baling press

Hydraulic Single Action Baling Machine(Capacity 15-60 tons and production of 2-3 ton per day in

carton,plastic,clothes,Pvc,pouches,Cement bags,Poly bags,pet,Cardboard,jute,bags,branches.,cotton,packaging,sacks,plastic,laminates,HDPE/PP

Woven,Tarpaulin,Fabric,Embroidery Fabric,Jute Bag,Cement BagGreen Net, Shed Net,Raffia Bag)(COST – 1,25,000/- TO 3,50,000/-)

our machine press medium to large volumes of recyclable materials such as cardboard, plastic packaging paper

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manual baling machine

Hydraulic Double Action Ejector(capacity 60-110 ton and production of 5-7 ton per shift in carton,paper,metal,aluminium(5 – 8 tons per shift and in commercial light scrap 5-10 tons per shift)(COST 4,50,000/- TO 9,50,000/-)

hydraulic powered Double Action Ejector(capacity 60-110 ton)machines are one of a kind in their class with a mechanical discharge framework. To give the best execution it is outfitted with 4 cylinders. for pressing waste paper,carton,ferrous scrap(metal,iron, steel and ms) non ferrous(aluminium,copper,tin can)

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hydraulic baling machine

JAIN Hydraulic delhi Triple Action mini Jumbo Machine(COST 8,50,000 – 14,00,000/- and production of 5-8 ton per shift in carton, paper and in iron 10-16 tons approx)

Hydraulic Triple action mini jumbo(scrap press from three sides with the help of three cylinders) is one of the heavy machines .for squeezing waste paper, carton, ferrous scrap(metal, commercial light scrap, teen Patra, ss and ms) non-ferrous(aluminium, copper, tin can)

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hydraulic baling pess

Hydraulic Triple Action Jumbo(COST 14,00,000 TO 50,00,000/- and production of 8-12 ton per shift in carton, paper and in steel 15-40 tons approx.) material to be presses in this machine – Plastic,iron,ms,ss,Aluminium,copper,tin can,tmt bar,cardboard,crc,utensils,vehicle body

Triple Action Mini Jumbo(scrap press from three sides with the assistance of single chambers) is a higher classification machine for higher rate creation outfitted with just seven cylinders and is immaculate and

hydraulic baling press machine
the hydraulic baling press machine

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24-hour spare parts administration

spare parts delivery through plane and train

multi-year experience

machine arranged in each state

from Delhi, there is the availability of traveling of engineer every day to each state through train and plane all over India,

We Deliver Quality

At the heart of our business is a desire to offer quality service and honest advice to our customers.

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Our team ensures that all the services are delivered as committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Always On Time

We are committed to providing our best possible service without delays. because we understand the importance of time.

Service With Smile

Our Services can be customized at any time if required, and are also available at pocket-friendly prices to fulfill the client’s need

Get The Best Service Provider of the City

The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services have helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day.

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